Journal of Moral Theology will Focus on ‘Nonhuman Animals’

This Summer the Journal of Moral Theology, a biannual publication dedicated to Catholic moral theology, will be rolling out it’s issue on “nonhuman animals”. According to the journal’s website, it will be “the first ever issue of an academic journal dedicated to constructive approaches to ethics regarding non-human animals from the perspective of Roman Catholic moral theology.” The issue will be co-edited by three outstanding theologians: John Berkman, Celia Deane-Drummond, and Charlie Camosy (all of whom are featured on this blog’s “theologians” page, here), and will feature essays that

evaluate non-human animals as ‘subjects’ in some sense and not merely as ‘objects’ of analysis…essays that engage the significance of recent ethological or evolutionary studies; essays that engage the history of Catholic moral theology; ethical reflection on the ‘intrinsic’ goodness of a particular animal species in relation to its particular ends and capacities; ethical analyses of contemporary topics like non-human animals as pets and the factory farming of non-human animals.

From the looks of it, interested parties will be able to purchase hard copies of individual issues (no subscription necessary) for $25 through the website, or download a PDF of the issue for free. Be sure to check it out (along with the previous issues dedicated to topics such as Christology and ethics, virtue, and love, all of which are available for free online).


Updates and Recent Readings (and Listenings)

I apologize for the relative lack of engaging writing here (that is, for mostly posting links and quotes without much of my own reflection). I have been bogged down with work and other commitments and so have been unable to focus much time to reading or writing lately. I do have a few reviews planned however, and I will hopefully be able to start posting more regularly in the near future. I will also be continuing the discussion of “Evolution, Creation and Eschatology in Christian Arguments for Vegetarianism” in upcoming weeks. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some articles (and audio) for you to check out:

(1) Catholic moral theologian, Charles Camosy’s new book For the Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action will be out in the US on the Oct 15th (Just 8 days from today!). Beth Haile has a thoughtful review of Camosy’s book up at Catholic Moral Theology.

(2) David Clough has been kind enough to send me a link to the audio and transcript to a great sermon he delivered by at St. John’s College, Cambridge on “Animals and Creation”. Be sure to give it a listen!

(3) Matthew Scully (Not a theologian, but someone who has written extensively about Christian ethics and Animals) has written an interesting piece on being “pro-life” and “vegan”. Whatever your stance is on either of these issues, Scully’s article is thought-provoking and very well-written, and brings together two issues that aren’t typically associated with one another. (Also, from a similar perspective, is this article written by Charles Camosy).