Ok. I’ll admit it. I was foolish to have promised a timely series of consecutive posts engaging Aronofsky’s Noah in relation to animal theology. Foolish because, I should have known that, life being what it is, I might not have the time to deal with all the issues I’d like to in a timely manner. Foolish, because the film touches on some of the biggest and most controversial topics at the heart of Christian theology and animal welfare. Of course I realize now that further discussion of the film will likely be passe and of little interest to most readers. I realize too that I left the conversation on a rather precarious cliffhanger (Sorry for that). While I’ve decide to forgo further engagement with the film, I plan to pick up with the theological issues where I left off, soon. I am currently wrapping up a lengthier essay on Genesis 9:3 (which may or may not be available on academia.edu. I’ll keep you posted) and, I plan to condense some of that research into a blog post. Thanks for reading. I hope to have more for you soon.